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Visiting the Barnenez cairn as a family? Discover all our offers!

visite famille au Cairn

Visits and activities

Discover our family activities

Get ready to explore the cairn with your children! 

There are several options available:

A self-guided tour with a visitor's guide

A guided tour in French with an agent of the site - depending on the timetable on offer

Family visits in French:

This tour is aimed at families, but is open to the general public. It consists of a description of the megalithic architecture, the way of life of Neolithic societies and their burial practices, followed by a more playful aspect. This latter approach is punctuated by descriptions of reproductions of Neolithic objects (arrowheads, pottery, axes, assegais, etc.).

Events such as storytelling and concerts (depending on the programme) can be organised during the summer.

Exhibitions around the site are the result of collaboration throughout the year between one or more artists or photographers and local schoolchildren.

An original way to discover the cairn, as seen and imagined by different audiences...

DR, Centre des monuments nationaux

Visiting tips

Enjoy the cairn and its magnificent surroundings

Enjoy breathtaking views from the cairn overlooking the bay

Where to eat?

There's a picnic table at the Pointe de Barnenez.

Find out more about restaurants near the Cairn

Free entry

Admission is free for under-18s. Make the most of it!

Visiting conditions

Visit with complete peace of mind!

Pushchairs are allowed on site, but there are steps up to the reception area and further steps down to the site. There is no grassed area around the site.