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Discover the different ways to visit Barnenez Cairn

Our tours and activities

Self-guided tour

Discover the Barnenez cairn by wandering freely around the monument.


Visit documents are available free of charge at the monument reception desk. Available in 8 languages (French, Breton, English, German, Italian, Spanish).

visite commentée du site

Guided tour

Monument staff reveal the secrets of the Barnenez Cairn.


Duration: approx. 45 mins. Registration on arrival at reception, no advance bookings. Price: no extra charge on your ticket price.

visite famille au Cairn

Family tours

During the school vacations, family visits are offered to discover the Cairn in a more entertaining way, covering the history of the site, as well as a demonstration of reconstructed Neolithic objects and their use. These tours are a great success, and are suitable for young and old alike.

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